Make Space for New Ideas

Now that I have written my first post and started this blog, I had a bunch of post ideas fly through my head.

At one point, I even thought of listing these ideas in a draft document so I could write about them on a schedule, maybe once a week.

However, this begs a question. If I am holding those ideas back for that amount of time, then who am I doing this for? an expectant audience? Because that would be the anti-thesis to the point I made earlier about wanting to create for myself for a while, and not even sharing this blog with anyone for next little while.

So, this is a reminder to myself to write just for myself whenever I want, and write down whatever I have in my head that I think should be made a note of. That, along with having a schedule time slot for just sitting down to write, ideally.

This also reminds me of a YouTube comment I read where the commenter said that we shouldn’t hold back our creative content so tightly to ourselves, fearing that we won’t have more to give. Because in order to make space for new content, for creativity, we must release or let go of the old ideas. Exchange a mindset of scarcity with a mindset of abundance.

Fear can only take you so far. You have to keep pushing forward and believe in your own ability, and in the Creator to help you along the way whenever you need it. Otherwise, it’s easy to miss out on what you could have seen and become, if only you had allowed yourself to move forward.


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