“what if I had nothing to write about anymore?” – what to do when your creativity is stuck

Now that I finally have my website set up and running (got my domain name today! 🥳), and some posts shared with my contacts, I sat down in my chair thinking about how cool this whole process has been. But then the gremlin of anxiety decided to pay me a visit. I started to think:Continue reading ““what if I had nothing to write about anymore?” – what to do when your creativity is stuck”

the school cafeteria (poem)

The school cafeteria lay empty Empty chairs tucked under the empty tables And sunlight shone over the dust covered room Look at the cafeteria A rambunctious cheer rings through the air A group of boys huddled around a table Watching Mo Salah score a goal The excited buzz among the students About the new gameContinue reading “the school cafeteria (poem)”

thoughts on the living dead (poem)

We mourn the people who are dead Putting flowers on their graves And sending up prayers for them . But what of those Who are the living dead? . Sometimes it’s hard to see the glaze in their eyes behind their bright smiles Smiles they conjure up to avoid unnecessary questions Questions asked by strangersContinue reading “thoughts on the living dead (poem)”

sky (poem)

always the optimist, never saw the empty glass eyes so hopeful, never felt the broken wings heart and soul so in the clouds, never saw reality for dreams heartbeat so loud, forgot to hear my own pain. . I’m still on the ground, I see now that my eyes are opening . but I knowContinue reading “sky (poem)”

a short poem on hope

Hey if the sun shines now, how long till the shadows of the night make their gloomy appearance again? and if the night rolls around, how long till the daylight illuminates everything again? you keep turning in your bed asking questions you don’t have answers to … My friend, What if this cycle of lightContinue reading “a short poem on hope”

repentance (poem)

A night breeze blew and I had a dream . I went to all those who I had wronged before . I am sorry, I said Sure, don’t worry about it, she replied but her eyes turned and looked elsewhere to those who were worth more than me . I put a coin in aContinue reading “repentance (poem)”