God, do you exist?

Who decided that the trees be green, and the sky blue? And who decided that gravity means we walk on the earth, and not the sky? Who decided what the laws of nature do, and those who don’t follow them fall to their demise? Who decided to create human life on this planet, just likeContinue reading “God, do you exist?”

Reflection on reading ‘Ego is the Enemy’

Overall impressions For the last 3-4 days I’ve been reading the book and I’d like to jot down the thoughts that came up. They are not necessarily a summary of what is written in the book, but the points I learned, and other things I was reminded of as I kept on reading. In thisContinue reading “Reflection on reading ‘Ego is the Enemy’”

a quick reflection on the writing process

It’s been about two weeks since I started writing on this site and I have published 5 posts so far. I’ve had a few thoughts come to mind about this process that I’d like to note down. Firstly, I have been having a persistent inclination towards sharing my posts with some people I know. UsuallyContinue reading “a quick reflection on the writing process”

being ‘chill’

When I started university, there was one consistent pattern that emerged in my life: waking up early in the morning, rushing to catch the train, missing said train, followed by being severely disappointed in my lack of resolve regarding my time management skills. One day, when I was sitting on the train seat and franticallyContinue reading “being ‘chill’”

park bench thoughts

I visited a park last winter on one snowy and early morning, and I wanted to record my thoughts and observations that came up from that visit. This visit was during the days when I was going through a wave of depression that was sucking a lot of hope out of me. So I gotContinue reading “park bench thoughts”