3 lessons my university professors taught us about work ethic

After 5 years of being a university student, here are a few pieces of helpful advice from my professors that stand out to me. 1. Practice is vital for mastery (a swimming example 🏊) In one of my first-year courses, our physics professor taught us to make sure to do all practice questions instead ofContinue reading “3 lessons my university professors taught us about work ethic”

đź“™Reflection: Laziness Does Not Exist (Pt. 1) – The “Not Enough” Disease

Browsing through books to read, this title caught my attention. It’s a relatively recent book, published in January 2021 by a social psychologist. For Kim, who taught me that if a person’s behaviour doesn’t make sense, it’s because I’m missing a piece of their context. Dedication Few words from the introduction: I have a reputaionContinue reading “đź“™Reflection: Laziness Does Not Exist (Pt. 1) – The “Not Enough” Disease”

some thoughts on self-love

On my journey of personal development, I stumbled upon the concept of self-love. It’s been 2-4 months now since I’ve been thinking about this after watching a bunch of videos on it. Truth is, I don’t really get it yet. But I thought I should give the matter some importance as I saw a numberContinue reading “some thoughts on self-love”

“bro, it’s just one of those days!”

One of the ways that I’ve taught myself to deal with unpleasant thoughts or feelings on bad days is to just tell myself this: Relax, dude! It’s just one of those days! What does that mean? Sometimes when we’re having a bad day we end up getting stuck in our heads for too long, soContinue reading ““bro, it’s just one of those days!””

11 things I learned about dealing with challenges, emotions, & mental health in 2021 (pt. 1 of 3)

Note. 2021 was an interesting year for me. It brought me a lot of lessons that I had never encountered before and I’m writing about some of them below. Part 1 focuses on dealing with tough times, emotions, the health of the mind, and one’s sense of self 1. 🕯️Deliberately choose hope. Sometimes, you can’tContinue reading “11 things I learned about dealing with challenges, emotions, & mental health in 2021 (pt. 1 of 3)”

what public speaking taught me about anxiety, and the comfort zone

You may have heard this thing about getting outside of your comfort zone. You can’t grow as a person if you don’t dare to step outside of your comfort zone, they say. Fair. However, in this post, I’ll explore why that isn’t always the best strategy. But first, let’s start with a story. A memoryContinue reading “what public speaking taught me about anxiety, and the comfort zone”

“what if I had nothing to write about anymore?” – what to do when your creativity is stuck

Now that I finally have my website set up and running (got my domain name today! 🥳), and some posts shared with my contacts, I sat down in my chair thinking about how cool this whole process has been. But then the gremlin of anxiety decided to pay me a visit. I started to think:Continue reading ““what if I had nothing to write about anymore?” – what to do when your creativity is stuck”

seeing the grey in life

As someone who has leaned on optimism for so long, I have been starting to see the value of the grey-ness in different life events, situations, as well as in people. It happened when years later I started to realize that some of the past events in my life had negatively impacted me. And theContinue reading “seeing the grey in life”

creating meaningful moments during tough times

Lately, I’ve been realizing that in life sometimes when we get hit by hard times they might not end as soon as we’d like. Maybe you have to deal with something for 1, 2, 5, 13 years or even longer. That leaves a lot of room for wallowing in your pain or suffering. Is thereContinue reading “creating meaningful moments during tough times”

Two effective ways to fight off depression

Depression has a remarkable way of making you feel like everything about yourself, your life, and this world is horribly beyond repair. Waves of depression can completely shift your thinking into a negative, heavy, and hopeless state of mind where no solutions to your problems can be seen anymore. Besides trying to take care ofContinue reading “Two effective ways to fight off depression”