14 things I learned about personal growth, goal-setting, & systems in 2021

Part 1 – dealing with tough times, emotions, the health of the mind, and one’s sense of self (#1-11) Part 2 – people, relationships, existence, & love (#12-20) This is Part 3 of 3 of 2021 lessons – personal growth, goals, and systems (#21-33) 🧠 On developing a growth mindset 21. Growth mindset can comeContinue reading “14 things I learned about personal growth, goal-setting, & systems in 2021”

why trying and failing is highly valuable

Failure can be disappointing, no question about it. When you don’t meet your own expectations, you might feel like dejectedly letting go of your aspirations and settling in. But there is one specific reason why trying out something and failing at it is highly valuable. Short Answer: Experience. Long Answer: When you are trying outContinue reading “why trying and failing is highly valuable”

it’s okay to not have a dream

I was recently listening to “so far away (by SUGA, BTS)” and the word “dream” came up so many times it stopped me in my tracks and made me reflect. In the last few months, I’ve gone through the realization that the career path I dreamed of pursuing since childhood was perhaps not really whatContinue reading “it’s okay to not have a dream”

why we ought to pay attention to our dreams & desires

How having different desires as individuals helps humanity: A while ago I was speaking with one of my biology professors. I was struggling with staying engaged in the class material and asked him to tell me why he enjoyed studying genes so much, hoping that it would give me some perspective so I could startContinue reading “why we ought to pay attention to our dreams & desires”

here’s my 30th post (finally!)

I started writing this blog back in May of this year after one of my close friends encouraged me to write and share my thoughts. I also have to give credit to another amazing friend of mine who would point out to me when I’d put something into words for her when she was tryingContinue reading “here’s my 30th post (finally!)”