taking care of the golden-egg-laying goose

There’s an old story from Aesop’s fables about a goose that laid golden eggs. Once upon a time, a poor farmer discovered that one of his geese laid one gold egg each day. He started selling the gold eggs and expanded his enterprise. Soon, he became impatient and decided that one egg a day wasContinue reading “taking care of the golden-egg-laying goose”

the downside of “follow your passion” advice in career

If you have ever asked around for career advice, you may have heard something about finding your calling, or going for what you love even if it is unconventional or totally different from your formal education. There seems to be an underlying assumption that if you love something, you will naturally become really good atContinue reading “the downside of “follow your passion” advice in career”

📙Reflection: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Overview Recently I picked up this book from my library’s recommended list. I had heard of the 5 love languages before and there is also a related online quiz you can take to find out your love language. The main idea is that people have the deep need to feel loved by their closest, andContinue reading “📙Reflection: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman”

📘Reflection: Convenience Store Woman (by Sayaka Murata)

There are some books like this I get to read where I can see parts of myself in the characters and end up feeling much better about life. So I ended up really enjoying this one. Convenience Store Woman is a novel (originally in Japanese) about a 36-year-old woman who is considered unusual, and aContinue reading “📘Reflection: Convenience Store Woman (by Sayaka Murata)”