imperfection is a necessity

Walking in a park I saw a lot of trees without their usual lively green leaves. With changing seasons trees shed their leaves for survival. It’s too costly to keep the leaves green and attached to the little branches in harsh weather where resources are limited and survival is the priority.

Much in the same way, life also brings its own changing seasons. And much like the tree, you can’t always stay “on”. You can’t always be your usual lively self, give more of yourself to others the same way, or even push your own limits the same way despite wanting to.

Slowing down and retreating into yourself can help survive poorer life seasons, but sometimes at the displeasure of others and perhaps your own disappointment too. Like the tree, you’re not at your prettiest or the most presentable or politest, but I suppose that’s sometimes the necessity of life.

That kind of flexibility is needed for survival, and so it is what it is. Fail to have that flexibility and your burn out. Sometimes you’ve got to let yourself and others down to keep on going in the long run.


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