April WordPrompt: GREEN

Today in my email I saw that WordPress had sent only one word writing prompt for this month: Green. A few thoughts came to mind.

First of all, it reminded me of fresh grass swaying in the wind on a sunny day. Like the grass under the bright blue sky I saw one time driving through my city a few months ago.

Emotionally speaking, life felt a bit low at that time. But when I looked at the scene outside my window I had a realization: how lucky I was to live in a relatively safe place in this world. There are many people around my age who don’t have the same access to a calm enough life where they can largely focus on living a life where they can prosper and thrive in their personal and professional lives – pursue their interests freely instead of regularly worrying about their safety just so they can survive.

How many young (and old) people are stuck in warzones, looking at the sky and worrying about danger? When I looked at the open sky above me, it reminded me to try and not take this for granted.

Green reminds of life, vitality, opportunity, and hope. It is a reminder for me to take a break if I need to when things feel challenging, but not to ever fall too deeply into despair and completely let myself go. There are too many opportunities that should not be ignored. Too much beauty that shouldn’t go unappreciated. All of these things are potentially transient in nature, and there is just too much in life that should not be taken for granted.



  1. Nayla Mitha says:

    Beautiful Faiza – this is such a great reminder of how lucky some of us are. Thank you.

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    1. Faiza says:

      Thank you for reading and for your kind comment Nayla!

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  2. Grace Day says:

    how right you are, we should never take things, circumstances and especially people for granted but be thankful for the beauty that already surrounds us if we would just open our eyes to it. life is a gift to cherish, sincerely, Grace http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com (my green post – “the gift of green”)

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    1. Faiza says:

      Thank you for reading and leaving this lovely comment, Grace!


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