be your own prince charming 👑

Have you ever felt so low about your life and circumstances that you wished someone would come and save you and help you escape it all? Maybe you keep dreaming about a prince or princess charming who will come to you, take your hand, love you fully, make you stronger, and solve all your problems.

I don’t believe that having a very loving and supportive partner or friend in your life will not elevate the quality of your life significantly. But, having observed a few people now, I’ve also noticed that this kind of thought pattern arises particularly when we are feeling down and low about ourselves.

When we have low self-esteem and belief in ourselves and when we feel too helpless to change our situation ourselves. When we get tired of fighting life and don’t feel like putting in more effort ourselves anymore. That’s when many of us start with this kind of wishful thinking.

That alone shows that the problem is within us. At least a good part of it. Something external might help significantly, but it won’t resolve the issue completely. We have to take ownership of our lives and make changes within them ourselves to our capacity.

The daydreams about someone coming to save us then, are just a projection of our current life desires. And if we pay attention to our desires, we’ll realize that they are there to point us in the direction we need to move in to make positive changes in our lives.

Try to pay attention to what desires you are projecting onto this imaginary person. Is it kind treatment? provision of safety? freedom? genuine understanding and love? good company? I think sometimes when people get stuck in this thought process, they do so because they might be missing emotional intimacy in their lives. Or they may dislike themselves too much to recognize and accept the imperfect love they already recieve from others.

In any case, our daydreams and our desires point out to us what we think is missing in our lives. If we keep thinking “oh I wish so and so would come and give this thing to me” then we should ask ourselves this: “is there anything I can do right now to give myself the thing I want from someone else?” For example, if you miss having someone cheering you on, you can start by recognizing and celebrating your wins by yourself.

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You can become your own prince or princess charming and develop a more loving and supportive relationship with yourself. By taking responsibility for your own life, you can empower yourself to make decisions that serve you instead of waiting around for someone to come and save you.

Make your life as awesome as you possibly can on your own. It’s good to start thinking in a way that helps you take advantage of the abilities you have as a human being to help and empower yourself so you don’t waste time just sitting around.

Now, even though I’ve mentioned that the idea of a prince or princess charming who’ll save you is really a projection of your own desires, I think sometimes people still end up putting these expectations on their real-life partners.

I’m not saying a loving partner won’t add more awesomeness to your life. But I think we should be careful in not making our partners into our idea of some kind of god who will solve everything for us. We have to remember, as long as they are human, despite their strengths and lovely qualities, they will be flawed and limited in their own ways.

Have you ever met a human without a flaw? If you have, check to see if you’ve got your rose-colored glasses on, because such a person doesn’t exist (sorry! ☹️)

So, the point is, if you’re finding yourself daydreaming about this magical problem-solving creature all the time, remember that you also have the power to take at least some small actions to introduce positive changes in your life. And we can do that while being imperfect ourselves. So be your own prince charming. Or princess charming. And make your life more awesome in every way you can right now 🙂



  1. Jav says:

    Yh 💯
    Things go wrong when one starts from idealising and end up Idolising..
    Man has his limitations, one cannot provide everything to another, there are always shortcomings and accepting them and helping the other out (not only hoping that only the next person would n should help you, u have to help out the other as well) is the key of having healthy relationships
    I had read somewhere that, seeking a relationship to get rid of loneliness only makes one even more lonely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Faiza says:

      That’s so true. We gotta make positive contributions to others’ lives too. Thanks for telling me to “be your own prince charming” on that one fine day, Jav! 🙂


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