here’s my 30th post (finally!)

I started writing this blog back in May of this year after one of my close friends encouraged me to write and share my thoughts. I also have to give credit to another amazing friend of mine who would point out to me when I’d put something into words for her when she was trying to articulate it.

When I first started this blog, I made the decision to only share it with someone else if I could first complete writing 30 posts on my own. I did this for two main reasons:

One. I had just read the book “Ego is the Enemy”, where the author discussed how people who announce their goals before working on them tend to procrastinate and not accomplish them at all.

I found it a good thing to then write without telling anyone because there was no expectation on me. I didn’t have to write because I thought someone was expecting a certain topic out of me by a certain date, I just wrote whenever I felt like it. As long as it met the goal of 30 posts before I could share with anyone. Which I decided to do on my own accord.

Two. Doing something on my own helped me understand better that I have my own voice, style, and identity besides the version of myself that I share with other people. If I had let a friend in, I’m sure my writing would have gained influence from them instead of developing on its own.

There’s nothing wrong with that feedback. In fact, feedback is so valuable! However, sometimes doing something just by yourself, on your own, without anyone else knowing, can help you get in touch with yourself. This is especially helpful if you’re already the kind of person who takes the opinions of their loved ones seriously, to begin with, and stays very connected to them in general.

Anyways, this is the 30th post. For someone who had tried to stick to at least one hobby many times, it used to seem like a daunting goal to achieve. But slowly, after a few months of picking up the pen whenever I felt like it and, trying to work through a bunch of random thoughts and concepts, here it finally is! 😀

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