here’s my 30th post (finally!)

I started writing this blog back in May of this year after one of my close friends encouraged me to write and share my thoughts. I also have to give credit to another amazing friend of mine who would point out to me when I’d put something into words for her when she was tryingContinue reading “here’s my 30th post (finally!)”

how to overcome analysis paralysis (furreal!)

Are you stuck? Do you spend hours scrolling through Netflix without being able to choose a show to watch? Do you walk through the library shelf, unable to pick a book to take home with you? Do you stare at the Tim Hortons menu for way too long only to walk away without buying somethingContinue reading “how to overcome analysis paralysis (furreal!)”

seeing the grey in life

As someone who has leaned on optimism for so long, I have been starting to see the value of the grey-ness in different life events, situations, as well as in people. It happened when years later I started to realize that some of the past events in my life had negatively impacted me. And theContinue reading “seeing the grey in life”

reconstructing arguments – a strategy to accept criticism better

Ever had that moment where people kept telling you to do or stop doing something and you just didn’t follow through with that? Maybe you thought you knew better or wanted to test out your judgement on your own. Or maybe the way the criticisms were delivered was not diplomatic, kind, or well-crafted enough. There’sContinue reading “reconstructing arguments – a strategy to accept criticism better”

I don’t know what to write – a bunch of thoughts instead

It’s been a few days since I wrote my last post, and although I’ve been searching my mind for ideas on what to write, I haven’t come up with much. So with the excuse of taking a U-turn around writer’s block, I’ll write down some random, non-fleshed out things that have been on my mindContinue reading “I don’t know what to write – a bunch of thoughts instead”

how writing a blog has been helping me

1. Archive of strategies/perspectives. Usually the things I write about are things that I’ve found helpful in my daily life. When you keep those things in your head, it’s easy to forget about them, or not have those thoughts as sorted out or solidified. Having an archive of those strategies or perspectives helps me rememberContinue reading “how writing a blog has been helping me”

Don’t wait for someone.

Don’t wait for someone to read a new book with. Don’t wait for someone to go to a new place with. Don’t wait for someone to start a new hobby with. Don’t wait for someone to reassure you, and give you the confidence to start a new project. Don’t wait for someone to come andContinue reading “Don’t wait for someone.”

creating meaningful moments during tough times

Lately, I’ve been realizing that in life sometimes when we get hit by hard times they might not end as soon as we’d like. Maybe you have to deal with something for 1, 2, 5, 13 years or even longer. That leaves a lot of room for wallowing in your pain or suffering. Is thereContinue reading “creating meaningful moments during tough times”