the school cafeteria (poem)

The school cafeteria lay empty

Empty chairs tucked under the empty tables

And sunlight shone over the dust covered room

Look at the cafeteria

A rambunctious cheer rings through the air

A group of boys huddled around a table

Watching Mo Salah score a goal

The excited buzz among the students

About the new game that just came out

And in the corner reads a quiet girl

With her lunch untouched

Do you hear

The clatter of coins being exchanged

For the student’s favorite pizza?

Or the sloshing of water in the mop bucket

As the caretaker hums along and cleans?

And if you listen closely,

You may even hear

The dreams of the future

A future artist

A future doctor

A future engineer

A future teacher

A future… adult

All sit in this room full of life

Which dares to exist

In a war torn world

And is now empty

In this war torn world


The cheers, the laughter, the daydreams


The sweet little hopes, the comforts,

The dreams that never bore fruit


The cafeteria lays still and empty

Like a mother who could never birth her children


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