repentance (poem)

A night breeze blew

and I had a dream


I went to all those

who I had wronged before


I am sorry, I said

Sure, don’t worry about it, she replied

but her eyes turned and looked elsewhere

to those who were worth more than me


I put a coin in a vending machine

but nothing came out of it

And no one to help me retrieve my coin

or to laugh with me

and call it silly


And I stood in the parking lot

but everyone had already left

without me


For I was not forgiven


I am not a poet, nor a saint

I have no words to paint the right picture

Nor pious actions to stand tall upon


I was not forgiven

for all the mistakes that I made

and left alone




  1. Lucy says:

    I feel this. It’s so poignant and heartbreaking. I think it’s like more of we can forgive, but we can’t forget the pain–and this goes both ways for ourselves and who we hurt. Beautiful and raw. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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